petak, 28. prosinca 2012.

New advances ...

... on my map Euope 1.0.3. in pictures

After first testing, everything is working fine for now. If I'll found enough time for work on map ... it will be finished until 6.1.2013. and on this day maybe I can release it :) !! I hope so.

ETS 2 - map Europe 1.0.3.

coming soon  !!!  For now, you can see some pictures from new roads in Poland from highway poznan-Berlin to Szczecin cross mountains  and other is in Czech Republic in direction from Wroclaw to Praha :) ... it will be fun for all drivers !

ponedjeljak, 24. prosinca 2012.

After some time ....

I had some big problems with my map. Before release ,map crashed several times, and I was starting from last release - map EUROPE  1.0.2. With one word - from the start where I stoped.

Now I ended up bypass road around Wroclaw in Poland (again) ... and here are some picture from this part of map. Tomorrow is free day, day for testing everything and after that I'll start with roads in Czech Republic. Parallel with that I'll finished  road from cross with highway Poznan-Berlin to direction to Szczecin (Poland). So, time is for some new road too. When I'll finished this it will be release map EUROPE 1.0.3..

Now, pictures ! Merry Christmas to everyone !

ponedjeljak, 17. prosinca 2012.

I'm now in ...

Czech Republic. I have ended city Wroclaw in Poland ... so, now I can do some work in new Country, too. So, I  started with Czech Republic. So, here are some new pictures from my work this days ..


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