petak, 7. prosinca 2012.

Coming soon - map Europe 1.0.2.

Today I'll start with Blog about my small work on ETS 2 map. I'll give you all new information here about my work. For start, I'll put some pictures from this new map which will be release maybe late today or tomorrow morning... everything it depends on the Real life ! :) ... so, be be connected dose who want driving my map. Good fun !

and more of that .... everything in new map is happening in Poland, for now. You can find me and my Videos on YouTube or on FaceBook.

This Video is from my first Final map, ETS 2 , EUROPE 1.0.1. Final. There, you have all download links, or you can download map here too :

Europe 1.0.1. Final map for ETS 2  (download map)
Fuel Prices for ETS 2   ( latest Europe prices for Truck fuel)

If you use some other mod for Fuel, than you'll have some problems. You can always use just one mod for some modification !! With my new map will come my new price list for Europe fuel too.

I wish you all good fun !!


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