četvrtak, 13. prosinca 2012.

Going on ...

.... working on new map EUROPE 1.0.3. is going on !!  I started with new looking of Wroclaw.  There will be new Bypass road around Wroclaw from direction Poznan to Praha, for sure 2 gas stations, a lot of new signs, some new parking for you drivers, and more other things...new buildings and so one. Every moderne town need bypass road, so you'll have it in Wroclaw, and you don't need to go cross all town with traffic lights and more sleepy traffic.

Here are some picture from my start on bypass road around Wroclaw.. it is a lot of job with that and I don't know how fast I'll work with...we'll see how fast will go this. No pictures :

If you are interested in my work on new map, visit the site at least every other day.

2 komentara:

  1. Hi Alex,

    Do you ever think to expand the current map with some new countries instead of modifying current cities?

    Thanks in advance

    1. For now, no...because I don't know what will be with some new Upadate ... on other hand, I0m trying to find system which will work, how to put some new company or town in there...I know how to work - theorizing - but in program - game- won't work - for now.



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