četvrtak, 31. siječnja 2013.

Created a new city

... in Czech republic, new town Olomouc. After that town, it will be another near this one, Ostrava, in Czech republic too. I have changed my new town Opole in town Katowice, because is more on map position like real one. And now, you can see first pictures from new Olomouc town.

srijeda, 30. siječnja 2013.

New progress !

Any progress on map is sometimes a big thing. I'm working every day about 4-5 h on map, but sometimes I can't see any progress in the end of the day. So, everytime when I finished with something on map, it is like a day for celebration.

In this stage, I'm on road from Brno to Opole (Poland),new town. I put in this new town 6 new companies. So, it will be more fun for drive there, too. For now it is on the map 6 new towns and 25 new companies....4 more towns and I'll release map.

Here are some pictures from new road from Brno to Opole (Poland) and from testing of the road.

First 3 pictures are from new road : direction Praha (CZ)-Wroclaw(PL), cross near border this two countries to Opole(PL).

All this picture under are from road direction Brno (CZ) to Opole(PL), totally new road. On this road you have work on road, a long tunnel new cross to new town (in future) - Olomouc, from Opole(PL) will go new road to Ostrava(CZ), new town in future...so, plan is big :) !!

četvrtak, 24. siječnja 2013.

Road to new town ...

... Opole, Poland, near Wroclaw on border with Czech Republic. But before, picture from Czech town Liberec on the other side border in Czech Republic.

And now, road to new town Opole in Poland. It is connected to old road Wroclaw-Praha, 1-2 km before border Poland-Czech Republic.



This is one side road to Opole, and on another side will go down, so fun driving for some drivers, and nightmare for others !

srijeda, 23. siječnja 2013.

New town ...

 .... in SE Poland .... Opole, near Wroclaw. This is my 6th new town in ETS2 map ... after 10th new town I'll release map for playing, because if you wanna play with all this new towns, you must start with new game-new character. So, stupid will be if you must start always from start after every new town on map.

Give me a little more time. I'll do some new town in Czech republic and Austria too. For navigation will help you your GPS system which you have in game. And now pictures from new town Opole, Poland

utorak, 22. siječnja 2013.

Finally ...

....I finished with redesign all roads in Poland and Czech Republic. All border crossing are finished too. .. No, I must finished all towns in this two countries and some new too.... and then will be release out :)

nedjelja, 20. siječnja 2013.

New ....

yes, some new situation occurred on the road - >  car accident  !!

I'm working on 5th city. All moderators knows how much work is with map...so, be patient. Anyway, When I release map, all old roads in Poland and Czech Republic will have some new look  with signs,speed and so one...there will be known new roads, but with new towns in routes. And now, new situation on map in picture :

četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.

4 out of 5 ....

.... cities are finished ! ... The last one, 4th city is Liberec , Czech Republic, on north of Czech Republic, near board with Poland. After all, now is going faster and faster, so, I think I'll put more than 5 cities on map for next Update Europe 1.0.4. in some other countries too....so, will be more interesting. Anyway, I'm working on new looking roads too. And yes, pictures of city Liberec are here :

In city are 3 companies, garage,  job dealer and fuel station. I din't find place for hotel, but you can sleep on fuel station parking. I always set parking for truck in companies, farms or timber companies which are far away from cities or other parking places for sleeping. So, if you need place for sleep and you're somewhere out from town, you can find place for sleeping there where you're in this moment.
Next town for work out is Poland town Pyrzyce near Szscecin. Let's go work.

srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

Lipiany - 3th new town

...my 3th new town on map is Lipiany (Poland) on my last totally new road .  You'll find there 3 new companies : farm, timber industry and big mall ... with town and garage. 2nd town Cottbus is till not totally finished, but this days will be. 4th new town is Pyrzyce (poland) on the same new road from Wroclaw to north....there will be 3-4 new companies too....so, there will be more choices for delivery in game, more fun. Yes, and Dresden in Germany has one more company too !!!  In totally, for  now, on my new map (coming soon) , I have 3 - 4 new towns and 13 new companies for now. I think I'll release map, when I will have 5 towns on map - my plan. But if you want plan this new map, you must start with new Character, otherwise game won't work properlly !!  And now pictures ...

This next pictures are direct from map and must be known to players who play my map ! Direction of this road is north from highway Poznan-Berlin on new road to Szscecin ..

nedjelja, 13. siječnja 2013.

Next .....

....here are some pictures from next, new town on ETS2 map , town is in Germany , connected to my new road from Wroclaw - Zary -Dresden -Cottbus -Berlin .... name of town is Cottbus. Pictures are here, test is positive and it's working everything perfect !!


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