četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.

4 out of 5 ....

.... cities are finished ! ... The last one, 4th city is Liberec , Czech Republic, on north of Czech Republic, near board with Poland. After all, now is going faster and faster, so, I think I'll put more than 5 cities on map for next Update Europe 1.0.4. in some other countries too....so, will be more interesting. Anyway, I'm working on new looking roads too. And yes, pictures of city Liberec are here :

In city are 3 companies, garage,  job dealer and fuel station. I din't find place for hotel, but you can sleep on fuel station parking. I always set parking for truck in companies, farms or timber companies which are far away from cities or other parking places for sleeping. So, if you need place for sleep and you're somewhere out from town, you can find place for sleeping there where you're in this moment.
Next town for work out is Poland town Pyrzyce near Szscecin. Let's go work.

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