srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

Lipiany - 3th new town 3th new town on map is Lipiany (Poland) on my last totally new road .  You'll find there 3 new companies : farm, timber industry and big mall ... with town and garage. 2nd town Cottbus is till not totally finished, but this days will be. 4th new town is Pyrzyce (poland) on the same new road from Wroclaw to north....there will be 3-4 new companies, there will be more choices for delivery in game, more fun. Yes, and Dresden in Germany has one more company too !!!  In totally, for  now, on my new map (coming soon) , I have 3 - 4 new towns and 13 new companies for now. I think I'll release map, when I will have 5 towns on map - my plan. But if you want plan this new map, you must start with new Character, otherwise game won't work properlly !!  And now pictures ...

This next pictures are direct from map and must be known to players who play my map ! Direction of this road is north from highway Poznan-Berlin on new road to Szscecin ..

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