srijeda, 30. siječnja 2013.

New progress !

Any progress on map is sometimes a big thing. I'm working every day about 4-5 h on map, but sometimes I can't see any progress in the end of the day. So, everytime when I finished with something on map, it is like a day for celebration.

In this stage, I'm on road from Brno to Opole (Poland),new town. I put in this new town 6 new companies. So, it will be more fun for drive there, too. For now it is on the map 6 new towns and 25 new companies....4 more towns and I'll release map.

Here are some pictures from new road from Brno to Opole (Poland) and from testing of the road.

First 3 pictures are from new road : direction Praha (CZ)-Wroclaw(PL), cross near border this two countries to Opole(PL).

All this picture under are from road direction Brno (CZ) to Opole(PL), totally new road. On this road you have work on road, a long tunnel new cross to new town (in future) - Olomouc, from Opole(PL) will go new road to Ostrava(CZ), new town in, plan is big :) !!

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  1. Hey. This is a good mod. Can I upgrade to the next (future) version without remaking my profile? Also why can I not accept jobs from the new cities?

    1. When you have in map new town, new company or companies, you must start with new Profile - Character in game, other words, you must start new game...otherwise, game won't read new towns and companies in game and also all new connections between towns and companies ... program works that way and it is normal, if you have something new in game,like new connection between towns, you must start with new game. From this reason you can't find jobs with or from new cities. That way this work.



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