srijeda, 23. siječnja 2013.

New town ...

 .... in SE Poland .... Opole, near Wroclaw. This is my 6th new town in ETS2 map ... after 10th new town I'll release map for playing, because if you wanna play with all this new towns, you must start with new game-new character. So, stupid will be if you must start always from start after every new town on map.

Give me a little more time. I'll do some new town in Czech republic and Austria too. For navigation will help you your GPS system which you have in game. And now pictures from new town Opole, Poland

2 komentara:

  1. Pleas don't make this, so we need to start a new game :(

    1. Is not such a problem...but in game will be more interesting, more fun,...after all, you can always play old game too...just copy it.



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