nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2013.

New ..

... from today I'm starting with new towns in game and with new companies. For this and for a lot of help in this is going credits to my good friend and tutor in a lot of things in ETS 2 ... moderator 116808apd (click on link)

So, thank you  !!

And here is my first picture from start new are for my map EUROPE 1.0.4. ...which will be next.

Bad new is that, when we put some new town in game and some new company, then player must start totally new game. Otherwise he can't see all new towns and companies in new game and maybe game won't work right. But in other side, player have better, bigger and interesting map, for sure better than last one !! ... so, picture is here :

Here is proof, and I can just start with a lot of work in game...I'm alone, and I'm still looking for somebody, who want work for me some signs , for map. I don't know how to made it, and on other hand I don't have so much to do all this things alone. So, if you do this, and you can do 2-4 signs more in 14 days to 1 months time, I'll be happy that you can help me. Contact me on youtube , under some my video. You can find video here on blog too.

Greetings to all my fans !


You can find my YouTube site here ( just click on link !)

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