nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2013.

What will be on .... 1.0.4. ??

For now is sure, that will be on my new map EUROPE 1.0.4. which will coming next, some new company, better, more of them .
I'm working on some new town too... in this time I'm just looking for somebody who can me produce 2 signs for my every new town....Enter sign and Exit sign. If you wanna help me and make for me signs which I'll nees for new towns, contact me please here or my yoututbe or Facebook. It can be really simple sign, just with name of my new town in there. All other we can talk cross contact mail.

No, here are new pictures from new companies in Wroclaw and Dresden on new road, which you know from map EUROPE 1.0.3.

Action !!

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