srijeda, 27. veljače 2013.

After testing -

- in Vesrsion ... now I can give you some pictures from testing my map Europe 1.0.4. ETS2 on Vesrion 1.3.1. with Scania, Volvo and DAF trucks , and it's working without any problem. Here are pictures, from road Katowice (Poland) to Olomouc (CZ)...

Today I finished my 8 town on my map , new Opole (Poland). I have some screen shoots from this town. Now I must finished just some roads in Poland and CZ republic ... and then I can start make some new town in Austria to south, to new country Slovenia.
Pictures from new town Opole (Poland) :

utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Progress in 2 days ....

... after some time and testing on version 1.3.1. ... my game is working properly on 1.3.1. version of ETS2. After all , I decided that I'll  town in Poland  OPOLE rename in Katowice... Now I have there Katowice and before 2 days I started with build new town, again with name OPOLE but in properly location. Tomorrow will be finished. That will be 8 new town on my map. After this inbound weekend I'll decided if I'll build 2 more towns in map or not.

But I think that I'll work on this...that will be in Austria, for South, in direction to my next country ,new country Slovenia.

So, here are some new pictures from my last progress. map is working in version and 1.3.1.

utorak, 19. veljače 2013.

New stuff in my map !!

After some time, I have some good Creator near me, my daughter Aneya. But, every Credits for her knowledge with zModeler goes to our friend "TeteSniper" (Tobias).

My map Europe 1.0.4. will be compatible wtih version ETS2 On this version is working without any problem....this weekend I'll tested map on version 1.3.1. . I think that will work.

New stuff which I'll use in map is sign for speed bumper, tractor and farmer which is give me TeteSniper and new border with ads on which is product of my daughter.

And now pictures :

Plan is to release map somewhere until to the end of this months. So, be connected !!

petak, 15. veljače 2013.

New testing ....

....maybe 14 days more and I'll release map if will be everything o.k. ... now, I'm testing my map with all kind of possibilities, for now, is working good on ETS 2  version , Win 7 and Win XP ..... proof os here in pictures.

This days I tested on XP and Win 7 on version 1.3.1. I hope, that will be everything o.k. ... you'll now first here on my blog.

Pictures from test on Win 7 and Win XP for ETS 2 version ;

srijeda, 6. veljače 2013.

New details

After yesterday, and new overlays on signs for cities, today I started with making some new signs for game...mostlly will be this on start signs for ENTER and EXIT town...examples are here ... all other things will be in game :)

Something new ?

Yap guys,..... my friend Nico told his friend Tobias if he can help me with signs...and he did. Thanks on that, Tobias and to you too, Nico !!!

Here are results from my new map Europe 1.0.4. ... new towns and town name overlays on signs :)....thank you guys on help.

Here are some new pictures from my last new town Olomouc (Czech Republic), which is between Ostrava and Brno on East side of Poland.

First try with name on sign was unsuccessful, but after some few trials I managed with that. Down there you have proof !

For now, I still don't have any date for release of this map....if will be SCS faster than me....then I'll see how will work with new SCS Update...I stll hope that will our maps work !


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