utorak, 19. veljače 2013.

New stuff in my map !!

After some time, I have some good Creator near me, my daughter Aneya. But, every Credits for her knowledge with zModeler goes to our friend "TeteSniper" (Tobias).

My map Europe 1.0.4. will be compatible wtih version ETS2 On this version is working without any problem....this weekend I'll tested map on version 1.3.1. . I think that will work.

New stuff which I'll use in map is sign for speed bumper, tractor and farmer which is give me TeteSniper and new border with ads on which is product of my daughter.

And now pictures :

Plan is to release map somewhere until to the end of this months. So, be connected !!

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  1. Very nice

    I have a question for you I am working on a little map modification ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v4Mvm8k7sw ) but I have a problem all the jobs are disappearing after a while.

    1. Sorry, that I'm answering after so much time...I didn't work anything on my Blog .... just on my map ... but now is time for some new pictures, I'm here....

      Problem can be in your saving map....if you don't save map with "BUILD MAP" ,game don't work properly ! So, you game will work properly just, when you save with BUILD MAP.



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