utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Progress in 2 days ....

... after some time and testing on version 1.3.1. ... my game is working properly on 1.3.1. version of ETS2. After all , I decided that I'll  town in Poland  OPOLE rename in Katowice... Now I have there Katowice and before 2 days I started with build new town, again with name OPOLE but in properly location. Tomorrow will be finished. That will be 8 new town on my map. After this inbound weekend I'll decided if I'll build 2 more towns in map or not.

But I think that I'll work on this...that will be in Austria, for sure...to South, in direction to my next country ,new country Slovenia.

So, here are some new pictures from my last progress. map is working in version and 1.3.1.

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