srijeda, 20. ožujka 2013.

New progress

This days I'm working on new town in Austria, Wienner Nuestadt ... it is nearly on the end. Parallel I finished a new regulation of the road at the border Austria , Hungary and Slovakia. Now is this road more like in real life, and you will find on your map in game that is road going real there where must be.

You'll see on map that you have darker new countries, like Hungary, Slovenia and Denmark. But for now, I don't have any town in this countries, yet. Before release my map, I have plan to finished some towns there too. ... for example, Sopron, Györ and Rajka in Hungary .... and for sure Kapfenberg in Austria too.

Next will be Graz, Klagenfurt and Villach in Austria and Maribor in Slovenia, maybe Ljubljana too. I'll see how much time I'll find for all this things. I'm not working with copy/paste, so is a little bid slower, but I have progress :) ...

And now pictures from my progress on road from Wienner Neustadt to border with Hungary, cross this country to direction Bratislava in Slovakia.

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