utorak, 26. ožujka 2013.

New trailers

...parallel, I'm working on trailers for game. Today I make two new looks,...one is mine,exactly, and one (blue one) is my daughter work.

Down there you can see on pictures how will look at in some parking , in companies and so one. Tomorrow I'll start with new town in Austria, Kapfenberg, on direction from Wiener Neustadt to west,on highway "S6". Road will be near big mountains in Alps.

Parallel I'll work on first town in Hungary, near border with Slovakia, Rajka. It is small town, so I hope that will be fast finished :) ... next will be then Sopron in Hungary and then Győr, finally. In Austria, after when I will finish Kapfenberg, I'll start Graz and Klagenfurt. On the end is coming Villach in Austria, near Klagenfurt and Maribor in Slovenia.
So, this is plan. When I will finish this work, I'll release map. It will be map for version and 1.3.1. I hope that will in SCS think in all moderators and that will make automatic system for all our maps and  mods for game.

to next time...

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