subota, 27. travnja 2013.

First town in....

.... Hungary is finished. Small town, but is near to boarder with Slovakia and Austria. Name of town is Rajka.
Next plan is to start with second Hungarian town Sopron. That must be finished in 14 days max. After that I'll test map and then release it. If I find some extra time, map will be out before this 12.5.2013.

And here are pictures from new Hungarian town Rajka.

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  1. Hi,

    good map so far and very realistic in my eyes. SuperB Job. Nice.

    Are your going to rework Germanys Freeways (Autobahn)in the future ? Cause they are very unrealistic with those heavy bends on the road.


    1. Hi,

      thank you on positive words. I'm working this for fun, and with Google map help. Sometimes is not so easy, but then I use my head and imagination. Some day I'll be in reconstruction of German roads too, and Autobahn too.

      This map will be release with 12 new towns and about 50 new companies in there, with some bug fix from original map and so one. Map will be out somewhere around in week 20. this month.

      In this game is everything much bigger then for example in 18 WOS ... so, map editor has smaller place for put everything on it. Crosses are really big, everything is big and map editor must be a really resourceful for do everything o.k. and impinging.



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