srijeda, 8. svibnja 2013.


This days, I have really slow progress in the absence of time. I ended up new part of the highway A2 in Austria from cross to Wiener Neustadt to direction Graz (next cross to road 72). In the same time I finished with this road 72 which is linking highway A2 and highway A6 (A6= Wiener Neustadt to Kapfenberg).

Now, I'm working in Hungary on second town there, that will be Sopron. Board between Austria and Hungary is almost finished and until to the end of this week I have in plan to finished Sopron town. I hope it so.

Next week I'll test everything, corrected errors and bugs and than I'll release this my EUROPE 1.0.4. map after long time. For today I have just one picture from HW A2, with gas station - parking before cross on HW A2 with small road 72 in direction to HW A6.

I wish you all nice week and after that nice weekend too !!

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