ponedjeljak, 3. lipnja 2013.

It is coming ....

tomorrow, 04.06.2013, somewhere until 15h CET (14h GMT), I'll release my new mod map EUROPE 1.0.4. ,with new roads, 12 new towns, 50 new companies and more, more on map.... From this reason if you want game, which will work properly, you'll have to run game from start with new Character in it. With any other option game won't work properly.

All details you'll find in my INFO document. I can tell you just, that I lost a lot of time with just this 12 towns. I'm working alone, without any help, but I have some good friends, who gives me some signs, and my daughter Aneya. She helps me out sometimes.

So, be tomorrow here, and you'll find Link for download in new post with short film from YT. See ya !

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