srijeda, 19. lipnja 2013.

New signs ... my mod game EUROPE 1.0.5. which will be release somewhere in september, if will be everything o.k

Town Klagenfurt in Austria is finished, like a Köflach. Now I must started with Zeltweg, to finished this town and highway A2 from Klagenfurt (A) to Graz(A) and then town Graz(A). Parallel I'll work on road nbr.80 from HW A9 (A) to Slovenia. For start in Slovenia I'll make town Ravne na Kor. and Maribor, then Ljubljan (Capital town), too. Somewhere between that I'll start with Udine (I) and Trieste (I).

I hope just, that my mod will work with new UpDates from SCS ! ...

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