ponedjeljak, 17. lipnja 2013.

Next part : mod map EUROPE 1.0.5.

I started with map EUROPE 1.0.5. .... from friday to sunday I made some progress .... two towns, Klagenfurt in Austria and small town ,more like village (with 2 companies - agriculture), Köflach in Austria, too. I'll just put pictures here and I'm going working on map...so, enjoy.

This map EUROPE 1.0.5. will be release somewhere in September (on the end of month).

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  1. Is there a possibilty to put Gas/Fuel Stations into towns ? Would be more realistic :) nice work man!

    1. I can put somewhere ...but everything is to big in this game, so when you ended some town is really big on map - to big ....and if you want that map is working ok, properly, than you can put in some state max. 3-5 towns, what is out of minds, because you dont have place on map to do more of that ... I put gas stations somewhere in towns, but mostly not, because of place problem - and I have from the start this in my mind :)



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