četvrtak, 27. lipnja 2013.

What is new on my map ?

This days I'll finished my Slovenia map ..... with roads and towns....and I must start with map decoration. On picture you can see my today progress...it is 2 new towns in Slovenia...Kranj and Celje...tomorrow I'll start with Ljubljana, Gorica and then will be here Postojna and Novo Mesto and that it's for this Country...after that I'll put in there Udine (Italy) and Trieste (Italy), and of course new Country Croatia and Bosnia....for start I'll put just Zagreb (Croatia) and Rijeka (Croatia) in map. From Rijeka we'll have ferry to Italy on 2-3 places. In Graz I have train station where you 'll use train to travel cross Europe...but not more then 2 places and will be very expensive...so, you'll think twice if you'll go with train or not ... hehehehe....so, after all this my work I'll have on my new map EUROPE 1.0.5. (and new release Update in somewhere on start of October) 17 new towns with several companies. From start of my work with this map will be 29 new towns on map and somewhere about 80-100 new companies on map.

After when I release map in October or before that, I'll extend work on Bosnia, Italy and France...after this will be here Spain and Danmark,Sweden and Norway,Portugal. So, that is plan.

So, down there you can see pure work on map with towns...and work until now in Slovenia. Toworrow I'll finished with Slovenia and I'm starting with Croatia and 2 towns in Italy.

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