petak, 19. srpnja 2013.

New connection

here is picture from part of Belgium, from Zee-Brugge, new ferry place, where you can take ferry from there to Hull in England.

My map is now on version 1.4.8 and for now is working ok...I hope that will be everything ok to the end.

četvrtak, 18. srpnja 2013.

Starting big project...

work is on...first is on line :  Gyor in Hungary

Parallel I'm working on Varazdin (Varaždin) in Croatia...that is plan to finished until end this month. I have some new signs in game Hungary and Croatia. But first here is picture from new highway in Poland A2 Poznan to Berlin...

And here are new signs in Croatia. I'll make some other new signs too...that will be fun modding in there...ahahaha....

srijeda, 17. srpnja 2013.

New look

...after week fight with new Patch and my map...I'm working on my new update EU 1.0.5. again. I hope it will be everything ok and that I can release map in my date plan somewhere in October...start of month, I hope.
Now, because Patch has to many bugs in there, I must look all my work from start again. Other things are on places, where my map work without any problem before this Patch. Now I'm cleaning map. Parallel I'm working on A4 and A2 highways in Poland with new look and some more highway roads, with new tollgates. Pictures are here. I hope that guys from SCS won't destroy our long and hard work with some new with this one. Anyway, this Patch is from other side good too. It is fast with Recompute and with Save map...and in game it is really fast. For now is biggest problem in game our Map, which is not working properly...and normally a lot of models - ours - which won't work properlly ! I hope that will guys fix this bugs in some next Patch. Pictures from yesterday and today work.....

subota, 13. srpnja 2013.

New SCS Patch....

Now is 3 or 4 day when I try to align map with new SCS Patch 1.4.1 .... and for now, I'm on good way. Mostly. My map is working on this new Patch without any problem....but I have with base map picture which can see player on the start when he take some city where he will start his game and with picture map in game,option map.

So, this two things I must fixed and then will be map ready for re-editing, and for more stuff in there. For now I'll stay on this number of 22 New cities on my new release map Europe 1.0.5. (release will be somewhere in start of October).... from before, from last release 1.4.1., where was 12 new cities, that will be all together then 34 new cities in math .. :)
On other hand, in game will be all together 131 new companies !! And 3 new countries - Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

That is for now...all together, I'm on the good way to do this until October and then release for all of you, who like my map. I wish you good driving and a lot of fun in game.

ponedjeljak, 8. srpnja 2013.

Thorough (modding) analysis of the cities

First in row is new city Győr on my ETS2 EUROPE 1.0.5. map. Road from highway cross on M1 from border to Győr to direction Rajka (road 150) is finished. Now, I'm working on town Győr. I have some new signs, and from the to day will be some new.
Every work you can see on pictures. Release date for now is start of October 2013.

utorak, 2. srpnja 2013.

Croatia member of now on my map, first you can see some pictures from town Rijeka on Adriatic coast...where you'll find train station and you can take train to Graz (Austria) with truck....this will cost you about 1800 € ....but you're there for somewhere in 6-7h :)...

From Rijeka we'll have two to town Pula in Istria and other to North in direction to Capital town Zagreb and then to North to hungary near by town Varazdin. On map we'll have to Slavonski brod,Osijek and on coast Zadar,Split and Dubrovnik...I hope. Some day....hehehehe....

This is direction to North from Rijeka, where we have two companies out of town, somewhere about 50 km from town in start of mountain place.

On new map will be between 21 and 25 new towns. From begin of my modding it will be all together on map I think around 35 -40 new towns and more than 100 new companies,services,garagges and so one and ouhrs and ouhrs work on it...from fun.

Now comes the graphical cities and roads editing. That will be big job cross summer. I hope I'll made it until to October.


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