utorak, 2. srpnja 2013.


...new member of EU...is now on my map too....so, first you can see some pictures from town Rijeka on Adriatic coast...where you'll find train station and you can take train to Graz (Austria) with truck....this will cost you about 1800 € ....but you're there for somewhere in 6-7h :)...

From Rijeka we'll have two directions...one to South...to town Pula in Istria and other to North in direction to Capital town Zagreb and then to North to hungary near by town Varazdin. On map we'll have to Slavonski brod,Osijek and on coast Zadar,Split and Dubrovnik...I hope. Some day....hehehehe....

This is direction to North from Rijeka, where we have two companies out of town, somewhere about 50 km from town in start of mountain place.

On new map will be between 21 and 25 new towns. From begin of my modding it will be all together on map I think around 35 -40 new towns and more than 100 new companies,services,garagges and so one and ouhrs and ouhrs work on it...from fun.

Now comes the graphical cities and roads editing. That will be big job cross summer. I hope I'll made it until to October.

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  1. Hello, i really like what are you doing..
    I`m having a question for you..
    Could you make 3 or 4 cities from Romania?..i would be very nice from you.

  2. I understand that you want your country too on map...but is not so simple just jump on map from one place to another...and for this work, you need a lot of time-private time- .... maybe you'll find some modeler who work just on Balkan....so you can then drive all countries on Balkan.... my first plan is to stop somewhere in border with Serbia or some town in Serbia...parallel I'll work on France,Danmark,Norway,Sweden,Spain,England...so one... sorry, but Rumania is for now out of my plan...I know that is your country in EU...but in this release it will be place for 22 new towns (3 in Croatia),some in Austria,Italy,Hungary and Slovenia

  3. Okey, anyway thank you for you feedback and keep going with the map.



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