srijeda, 17. srpnja 2013.

New look

...after week fight with new Patch and my map...I'm working on my new update EU 1.0.5. again. I hope it will be everything ok and that I can release map in my date plan somewhere in October...start of month, I hope.
Now, because Patch has to many bugs in there, I must look all my work from start again. Other things are on places, where my map work without any problem before this Patch. Now I'm cleaning map. Parallel I'm working on A4 and A2 highways in Poland with new look and some more highway roads, with new tollgates. Pictures are here. I hope that guys from SCS won't destroy our long and hard work with some new with this one. Anyway, this Patch is from other side good too. It is fast with Recompute and with Save map...and in game it is really fast. For now is biggest problem in game our Map, which is not working properly...and normally a lot of models - ours - which won't work properlly ! I hope that will guys fix this bugs in some next Patch. Pictures from yesterday and today work.....

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