subota, 13. srpnja 2013.

New SCS Patch....

Now is 3 or 4 day when I try to align map with new SCS Patch 1.4.1 .... and for now, I'm on good way. Mostly. My map is working on this new Patch without any problem....but I have with base map picture which can see player on the start when he take some city where he will start his game and with picture map in game,option map.

So, this two things I must fixed and then will be map ready for re-editing, and for more stuff in there. For now I'll stay on this number of 22 New cities on my new release map Europe 1.0.5. (release will be somewhere in start of October).... from before, from last release 1.4.1., where was 12 new cities, that will be all together then 34 new cities in math .. :)
On other hand, in game will be all together 131 new companies !! And 3 new countries - Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

That is for now...all together, I'm on the good way to do this until October and then release for all of you, who like my map. I wish you good driving and a lot of fun in game.

2 komentara:

  1. good to hear -i am exited to drive your new map soon ! Keep up good work!

  2. yap...I lost 4 days now to harmonize datas .. but I still have some small problems which I will solve until release... hehehe...I hope



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