nedjelja, 29. rujna 2013.

New city ....

on my map which I'll call it    " ETS2 1.0 cross EU " is Epinal in France, small town near Strasbourg, France. New cities come too....I saw more place to fix some solutions on Highways with tollgates- more logical things...but for this I'll need more time. So, here is small town in France :

Truck with which I testing a map before release .... and some of the accident with truck on road ... hahaha...

And on the end, here is cross on A1 in Austria with HW road A8 and A9 .... A8 is direction to Germany, and A9 will be new highway road to Graz in Austria , and after that to Klagenfurt, Villach to direction to South - to Slovenia and Croatia. Fast plan for some next month ... hehehehe...

I'm working on some illogical situations like with borders and on pictures ....

On this picture you can see how is highway going from Switzerland to France...but road is in, this must be fixed me so stupid, when I see things like this.Like we have town in some country and one of companies in of this town in another country... and I want fixed this in map too ... It bothers me !!

Now I must tested map first than I'll release this in next week.

utorak, 24. rujna 2013.

Today ....

....yap, I take today short shoot on map...and I did small town named Unken in Austria, near Salzburg. There is on road 178.  I make some new look on this road 178 from Innsbruck to Salzburg --- and I start with road from 178 to south - Villach nbr.311. Classic road. On 178 I put new gas station in there, because is not so many gas stations on this map. Especially on highways in Germany, Italy and France.

ponedjeljak, 23. rujna 2013.

After DLC - Going East !

First regular pictures on new map after release DLC Going East. I'll work together or in the same time on two directions :
1. Austria (more cities,roads,companies - better design)
2. Austria will be for start connect to south with Slovenia on two places
3. Italy (new cities,roads and companies - better design with more realistic drive on road
4. Italy will be connect on east with Slovenia on two places
5. new connect in Italy on north with Austria

This is short plan for now. I'll release map after every new city, so you'll drive map in time with my work. First release will be this week, maybe somewhere in Friday 27.9. if will be everything ok. You'll now here and on YT too.

And now shoots from weekend work in Austria. In mean time I found some small bug-mistakes from original map SCS between Switzerland and Austria. Nothing big, more than cosmetic nature :) !

border Austria - Germany

srijeda, 18. rujna 2013.

I'm back...

After a lot of time...I'm back. I have problems with the old game. I can't Update to 1.4.x I started again.
First in row is Austria. Here are pictures from my next work. After Austria and some new towns in there I'll go in direction to South - with Slovenia, first. And some town in Italy - parallel.  In Austria I have for now one new small town with 3 new companies on border with Switzerland. No, I must do first Villach and Klagenfurt. After this I think I'll release map, because we don't need now start always from the start when you have new map. You must just finished your last delivery first if you won't lose your delivery and money for that :) ! Pictures....

Next time some new pictures from my work on EU ETS2 map...this is just for fun, for my hobby, and those who want play my map, they will be able to download it for free.


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