ponedjeljak, 23. rujna 2013.

After DLC - Going East !

First regular pictures on new map after release DLC Going East. I'll work together or in the same time on two directions :
1. Austria (more cities,roads,companies - better design)
2. Austria will be for start connect to south with Slovenia on two places
3. Italy (new cities,roads and companies - better design with more realistic drive on road
4. Italy will be connect on east with Slovenia on two places
5. new connect in Italy on north with Austria

This is short plan for now. I'll release map after every new city, so you'll drive map in time with my work. First release will be this week, maybe somewhere in Friday 27.9. if will be everything ok. You'll now here and on YT too.

And now shoots from weekend work in Austria. In mean time I found some small bug-mistakes from original map SCS between Switzerland and Austria. Nothing big, more than cosmetic nature :) !

border Austria - Germany

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