srijeda, 18. rujna 2013.

I'm back...

After a lot of time...I'm back. I have problems with the old game. I can't Update to 1.4.x I started again.
First in row is Austria. Here are pictures from my next work. After Austria and some new towns in there I'll go in direction to South - with Slovenia, first. And some town in Italy - parallel.  In Austria I have for now one new small town with 3 new companies on border with Switzerland. No, I must do first Villach and Klagenfurt. After this I think I'll release map, because we don't need now start always from the start when you have new map. You must just finished your last delivery first if you won't lose your delivery and money for that :) ! Pictures....

Next time some new pictures from my work on EU ETS2 map...this is just for fun, for my hobby, and those who want play my map, they will be able to download it for free.

3 komentara:

  1. Odgovori
    1. first I'll finished Austria...then I'll give first release...after this I'll release map after every New town on map :) ... I think that will be first release out in max. 14 days !


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