ponedjeljak, 21. listopada 2013.

New cars

-next on my map you'll see this cars too

And a lot fo different truck combination .

And from now one, this one too :).

nedjelja, 20. listopada 2013.


more combinations for my map

All day long...

now is allready two days...I'm working on reloading all models cross zModeler in new version for ETS2 game. I hope that will be last time.....it is really boringly work every time, when guys from ScS release some "better" update for game. So, I hope that will be last time to do this stuff and lose my time on this.

After this, I made some new "fix" model for map...and here it is.

All Credits for truck animation are going to my good friend Tobias, and to Aneya, my daughter for trailer. After all, I'm just map moder, so I have good friends, which work on models. Nice truck, Tobias.


četvrtak, 17. listopada 2013.

After today work ...

A lot of new stuff will be new on my map after all  - some day.... for now I have some new pictures from today work on map. Have a nice weekend !

New Dimension !!

First some new shoots from my new pam mod for ETS2

And now, most important to me for this game, Nico's master work from team ProMods (all Credits goes to him), my teacher (!!), -> Gas Station in middle of town !!!

First you'll see Gas station in new small town on my mod map Feldkirch (A), on boarder with Switzerland and Germany.

And in Capital town of Austria , Wien.

On the end, again, THANK YOU Nico for this really fantastic Prefab for our game !!


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