četvrtak, 28. studenoga 2013.

Time for new company

In my mod map is coming new company - Bauhaus. Credits for this amazing work on Prefab Bauhaus is going to Nico (ProMods), my good freind and my Mentor. He will put this Prefab in his new map mod too, when he will release it. There will be Ikea too. So...it will be fun to have two new companies in mod game. More fun for all drivers.

On picture you can see new position of Bauhaus on my mod map. I'll use some closad roads and make it "a life" and add some new roads, models and make some new part of city, first in Wien, like you can see on picture. Like this will be in every city in all countries on the end, where we have Bauhaus and Ikea. ...On the end....hehehhe...long plan.

In red circle you can see area where I work in Wien city.

And after 1h work on new position.....

More pictures :

srijeda, 27. studenoga 2013.

Milano and IKEA

here it is new company IKEA (master work from Nico - ProMods) ... on mod map. With that company I'll have one more new compnay - Bauhaus on map. So, more work for you truck drivers !!

ponedjeljak, 25. studenoga 2013.

After 5h work ....

... I finished my first NEW company in game - IKEA, near Wien, West side. All Credits goes for Prefab goes to Nico (ProMods). Results are in pictures. Next point is next  NEW company in my mod Bauhaus in Wien too. My Mentor and good freind Nico "has hands" in this !! So , thank you Nico for really good Prefabs !

nedjelja, 24. studenoga 2013.

ProMods map

Good Info today is, that we'll have new Prefab in ProMods map. That will be new challenge for every driver. This new Prefab we can see for now in Wien, Műnchen, Dortmund and Prague. Plan is some city in Swizerland and I believe that all other city will get some kind of Prefab, where in which country is Bauhaus existing.

In short time will be this new map out, when, I really don't know, but it will. And better too. So, you can see all details about Nico´s ProMods.

You can download his first map HERE , and you must Register there, be member of his community.

petak, 22. studenoga 2013.

New city rises

 - small town Sillian in Austria on road nbr.100 from Border with Italy - Belluno to direction Lienz (A)

On map is allready waiting new town Bolzano in Italy. So next stop will be there and I'll go to France make some new town...I think that I know allready position for new town there .

nedjelja, 17. studenoga 2013.

Belluno (ITA)

After almost two weeks, town is finished. Finally. Next town will be Vicenza in Italy and then some town in France. Here are pictures from Belluno with new roads and new Gas station in city. For town Gas station Prefab goes Credits to Nico from ProMods, my good friend and mentor.

And all other pictures from finished Belluno town on my Mod map EU 1.0.


četvrtak, 14. studenoga 2013.

Road is finished

  - from cross to Lienz (A) and Innsbruck (A) , road sp244 and ss51 to Belluno is finished with city Belluno and highway to Trevisio and Vicenza, Trieste and so one.

Next stop is Trevisio and Vicenza and then to Trieste and direction to Verona . Parallel I'm still working on the rest of map too.

And from testing my map ... it's working everything perfect so far :).



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