subota, 2. studenoga 2013.

Some new pictures

in 44.week of 2013.y. ... I'm in small progress but for now is better than I think after all.  I have all my models Update with ScS game and I don't have any yellow ,red or any other problem with it in game. So, everything is perfect, but it take me two weeks work on that.

And after all, I start with work where I stop. In Austria and Switzerland. That my game will love people who want a little bid more good looking map from standard map. In my Mod will be some new towns too, some new state but cross the time.

For now, I'll give you just new pictures from last week. Now, I have all cities in Austria with Gas station in towns thanks to (all Credits goes to Nico from ProMods !!). And later I'll made this in all towns on map, cross the time, of course. Pictures :

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