ponedjeljak, 9. prosinca 2013.

In my mod ...

... from today will be new one more company - with name Europa Worlwide Logistic - one new logistic company. They'll delivery everything what they need in big shopping centre, all kind of food, technical products and other things.

It will be more interesting and something new too.

Company will has four Load places and one delivery. Delivery place will be in the middle of back in parking area, and it will be a little more complicated to delivery trailer.

nedjelja, 8. prosinca 2013.

Something new

 - to me is that I started work on my ETS2 map in England. Funny to somebody, but they have everything on roads on the other side .... hehehhee...after two weeks work, is not so hard.

I started with new small town - for start - called Maidstone. You'll find it before London. But problem is on map, because of to big Models and Prefabs in this game. So, because of that,Maidstone is not out of the London highway ring, but inside. And on some places pitch goes over the terrain, and between them is "cut" line which is giving to us to not see what is on the other side map ;). Funny, but so a little places is on this ETS2 map ... and after one year work with that I know now why we have avarage just 3-5 cities in one country. 

On the other hand, it is a lot of job to do for one city. In avarage I need 1 - 2 weeks that cities looks nice and how so.

That is for today. Here is first picture of this town Maidstone. We'll have there 4 new companies. I made this town like industrial small "in front door" town to London.

It is still in the development !!

Have a nice driving.


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