utorak, 14. siječnja 2014.

ponedjeljak, 13. siječnja 2014.

New roads

I put new exit on highway near Amsterdam (NL) . You'll now drive all the time on highway without any speed limits.

It will be more realistic driving there.

And new company in Amsterdam too

nedjelja, 12. siječnja 2014.

Small work on Mod map

... so , I finished Bolzano, and road to there, around 100-150 km ... now, I must finish Lienz in Austria, exactly half of this town.

After all, I decided to release map with 12 new towns on it, and then I'll release map for every new town on it, with all new roads and everything else, of course. Because, the guys in ScS did good job and we can just replease Mod with old one and drive our truck with the same data and level, we can make and release map now after every new town. Nice work guys !!

So, I'll do this on this way, after every new city, I'll release Mod map, and you can just repleace with old one.

When I'll finish this town, I must just look everything and then I can release...map is working together with DLC, but not with any other map. So, those who want drive on my map, must start with new Character . But I think you'll be happy and content with my work. Some of this thing you can find in ProMods map too.

And now, some of the pictures from last town before release, Lienz in Austria.

And, yes, plan for next work on map is for sure something in England - I think it will be Hull city next chalange !!


nedjelja, 5. siječnja 2014.

Next work is :

city in Italy - Bolzano ... I must finish it, after some work time in UK .... I must connected it with Belluno in Italy, some 100 -150 km cross long tunnel (because of small place on map ) - about 2 km below highway form Austria to Verona I guess ... hehehe...

Anyway, here are first pictures from this town. If will be everything ok, I'll finish this in 2-3 days with city and then I must connect road with Belluno, and after this I'll connect road from Bolzano to Chur in Switzerland, near border. That road will go cross mountain Alps range.

petak, 3. siječnja 2014.

After some time ....

.... after all, I change first town with name Maidstone (GB) near London in Croydon, because of city position.

Today I finished Maidstone, the right one city on good position. City is between Dover and Croydon on direction from Dover to London. But is connected on highway Dover-London and on normal road on south, from Dover to Portsmout - Southampton. City has 4 or 5 companies in there.. ( I really don't rember), hotel, gas station in town and other stuff which city needs...like fire station, too.

For now, I have 12 new towns in my map allready, in Austria, CH, Italy, GB and France. On other hand, I change some position of paytolls in France, I have a lot of new models in game and some new roads.

Now, I want show you pictures from Maidstone in GB and close environment.
Plan for release of my map is somewhere in March 2014. when I'll have min. 15 new towns in map.



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