petak, 3. siječnja 2014.

After some time ....

.... after all, I change first town with name Maidstone (GB) near London in Croydon, because of city position.

Today I finished Maidstone, the right one city on good position. City is between Dover and Croydon on direction from Dover to London. But is connected on highway Dover-London and on normal road on south, from Dover to Portsmout - Southampton. City has 4 or 5 companies in there.. ( I really don't rember), hotel, gas station in town and other stuff which city fire station, too.

For now, I have 12 new towns in my map allready, in Austria, CH, Italy, GB and France. On other hand, I change some position of paytolls in France, I have a lot of new models in game and some new roads.

Now, I want show you pictures from Maidstone in GB and close environment.
Plan for release of my map is somewhere in March 2014. when I'll have min. 15 new towns in map.


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