srijeda, 30. travnja 2014.

Road work

delivery there some heavy machinery for Roadwork company !

Do you think that you'll find this company from first ?? I dont think so ;)

utorak, 29. travnja 2014.

Germany - Hamburg

guys, there will be fun ;) ....and I'll give you just 3 pictures from there ....everything else, you'll see when will be map out ;) !!

So, enjoy in imagination !

Is not finished yet, but is really close to release everything ;)


ponedjeljak, 28. travnja 2014.

Before release my map MOD EU 1.4.1

This is last place where I'll work before next release my map MOD EU 1.4.1.

In this release you'll find new cities and a lot of other stuff. I'll give you now list of my work from my last release. Here it is :

                    you must have DLC East !!
ETS2 - MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.4.1. (Compatible with 1.9.X.) : 
1. New city Bydgoszcz (PL)¸(DLC EAST)
    - company Lidl
    - company Maxilla
    - company Sandbuilder
    - company Transinet
    - company E.Leclerc
    - company Fastrans
2. New company IKEA - Poznan (PL)
3. New company E.Leclerc - Poznan (PL)
4. New company E.Leclerc - Wroclaw (PL)
5. New company E.Leclerc - Szczecin (PL)
6. New company "Lidl" in game mod
7. New city Liberec (CZ)
    - company Lidl
    - copmany Trameri
    - company Fastrans
    - company ITTC
    - company Road work
    - company McDonalds
8. new look on road and border Praha (CZ)- Wroclaw (PL)
9. New company "Road work" in game mod
10. new company "McDonalds" in game mod (credit to Nico(ProMods)
11. new company "Road work" in Newcastle (UK)
12. new company McDonalds in Wroclaw (PL)
13. new company Maxilla in London (UK)
14. new company McDonalds in London (UK)
15. new company Transport21 in Liege (B)
16. new company Road work in Liege (B)
17. new company Road work in Szczecin (PL)
18. Update all my Models and Signs with zModeler3 with Version 1.9.x (4 days work)

When will be out ?  Maximum until 05.05.2014 !!! But I think that will be before this date. Map works ok, I dont have any RED alert on my map, or old data for any Model or Prefab , but in other hand I must do some small things on some Models.

RULES for link sites *

I ask that you respect my creative work and ONLY use the following link to my Blog ! :

==>>>> <<<<==

If you like my work here you can Donate some money which I would use to improve my work !!

This way users are aware that this is the official website and not a random page.

This is the official page for my work !!

Every user of my MOD deserves the right to support directly from the creator of the MOD
and I deserve the right to have of mine creations respected.

Instead of sharing a direct download link please share the link above when you wish
to share the mod. Thank you!


petak, 25. travnja 2014.

Test on new map MOD

Today I started with testing my map MOD EU 1.4.1. which I'll release somewhere on the end of this month or first days in next month. Map works ok, without any problem. Here are pictures from today testing !

četvrtak, 24. travnja 2014.


Just a picture in England at the boat, a scenery from Alex, thank you.


Eu 1.4.1 map

...release is close !!!  Some impressions from EU 1.4.1. map will be out between 1.5.-5.5.2014 ...if I'll be fast enough, date of release will be before that.

srijeda, 16. travnja 2014.

New positions on my map MOD

New places, new deliveries roads in old cities on map will be fun. All list of new work in new version EU 1.4.1 will be here on release day !! 

utorak, 15. travnja 2014.

They need your opinion !!

SCS guys asking us :

What camera do you use the most to drive a truck?

 read more on this link : SCS blog

For Android phones

TheDoctor Miro
Hello all fans of Heavy Alex ETS 2 Map

Here we present the first android app for quickly access to information and news about Heavy Alex ETS 2 Map
This app open website/blog of Heavy Alex ETS 2 Map and there you can see all latest news and information

The application is only available to Android users

Changelog v0.1

-Initial version
-Un-official icon (can be changed next time)
-Official website/blog
-App is only in English language
-App request Android system 4.0+

If you have any trouble of app than please tell me


Some details more ...

nedjelja, 13. travnja 2014.

New company in game MOD ??

yes, it is ... and thanks to Nico (ProMods) ... I have now new Prefab in game and new delivery place for all drivers ;) .... you must drive in McDonalds food for them , so that they can make some fine McDonalds cheesburgers,fishburgers and some other stuff. ... some milk shake , ...hehehe ...

here it is :

picture are from first test ,so McDonalds dont have any position yet in game ... but it is all over the World ....hehehehe ...

subota, 12. travnja 2014.

New company

so, with new comming release, I'll have in map two new comapnies , and old companies in new positions too. There will be two new cities too , maybe three. After today all day work with zModeler, my daughter Aneya made fantastic Lidl company with some Nico (ProMods) help and sign for speed road bumb... nice work girl and of course Nico too.  So, I got complete new Prefab company for my map MOD . Tomorrow, she will start with something new, but for now will be this secret.

Result of today work you can look on pictures. This is new town on map, Liberec (CZ). This is my old idea from my Old ETS2 map from some first work with this game.


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