ponedjeljak, 5. svibnja 2014.

Final list of work on MHA Eu map 1.4.1

Tomorrow I'll finish all work and if will be everything ok on the end of the day, in Tuesday will be release of map .... now I testing map and it works perfect again ... so, I'm optimistic for Tuesday ;) ;)

Here is Final list of work on MHA Eu map 1.4.1 :

1. New city Bydgoszcz (PL)¸(DLC EAST)
 - company Lidl
 - company Maxilla
 - company Sandbuilder
 - company Transinet
 - company E.Leclerc
 - company Fastrans
2. New company IKEA - Poznan (PL)
3. New company E.Leclerc - Poznan (PL)
4. New company E.Leclerc - Wroclaw (PL)
5. New company E.Leclerc - Szczecin (PL)
6. New company "Lidl" in game mod
7. New city Liberec (CZ)
 - company Lidl
 - copmany Trameri
 - company Fastrans
 - company ITTC
 - company Road work
 - company McDonalds
8. new look on road and border Praha (CZ)- Wroclaw (PL)
9. New company "Road work" in game mod
10. new company "McDonalds" in game mod (credit to Nico(ProMods)
11. new company "Road work" in Newcastle (UK)
12. new company McDonalds in Wroclaw (PL)
13. new company Maxilla in London (UK)
14. new company McDonalds in London (UK)
15. new company Transport21 in Liege (B)
16. new company Road work in Liege (B)
17. new company Road work in Szczecin (PL)
18. Update all my Models and Signs with zModeler3 with Version 1.9.x (7 days work)
19. New truck MAN Model in my map MOD
20. new company Road work in Hamburg (D)
21. new company Maxilla in Rostock (D)
22. new company Road work in Olsztyn (PL)
23. new company Road work in Leipzig (D)

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  1. Odgovori
    1. thank you .... today is release of this EU 1.4.1 map ;)


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