četvrtak, 29. svibnja 2014.

Košice (SK) - fixed traffic in Industrial zone

Ones, somebody ask me if I can fix traffic in Industrial zone in Košice (SK) !! So, I fixed and put one company in there too, mine Fueltrans company ;) it will be fun, you'll see - and find everything in there too, especially at night ;) (pictures are from Editor-test)

4 komentara:

  1. I will now comment on this blog through. ;)
    Oh, yeah. You're a big star. You make an incredibly great job.
    I do not use facebook, but "thumbs up".

    With kind regards: Vesku-K

    1. thank you on your good words...I do my best ;)

  2. уже жду не дождусь выхода



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