utorak, 10. veljače 2015.

Work on next upgrade of MHAPro map

I'm on river Thames (UK), working on Queen Elizabeth bridge and on the Old Dartford Tunnel ..... I hope it will look so how.

I will make them with things which I have in Editor . I barely found tunnel for that Darford Tunnel ...

From south to north will be 2x tunnel tubes and from north to south highway bridge with 4 lines .

Tollgate will be on south place like in real life, but will not work, because I do not have any tollgates for UK.

For now I work on two projects, one isnew country Slovenia and first city there Maribor and other is here on river Thames. In short time I will open third (3) project on highway from Rotterdam (NL) to A'dam (NL).

(enter in Maribor (SLO))

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