utorak, 7. travnja 2015.

Progress on new map MOD

Next new release will be somewhere around 10.5. ,after DLC Scandinavia release. Map will has name MHAPro map EU 2.0 .... for that version you will not need DLC Scandinavia. But I saw already on first SCS picture some mistakes on roads , so, I will fast fix there mistakes too .

I already started with work on new map MOD EU 2.0 . First I started with new country Slovenia and first new city there, Maribor. It is not completed yet. But I started parallel with second city too. That will be Veszprem in Hungary. Today I will give you some first pictures from new places in Hungary, which will be connected from A2 highway in Austria to center of Hungary and to south Slovenia and Croatia later too.

So, be patient to next release ! Thank you. Enjoy on new release which you can find it on right side of my blog, MHAPro map EU 1.9. for version SCS ETS2 1.16.x (work on latest Beta version on Steam too).


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