srijeda, 13. svibnja 2015.

Friday, 15.05.2015.

Release date for MHAPro map EU 2.0, compatible with version 1.17.x and all other DLC's, including with DLC Scandinavia (North).

If you want play from now one my map MOD ,you must have all DLC's, including that DLC North (Scandinavia) . 

With version 1.17.x without that DLC North, you can use my map MOD EU 1.9 and it is  already out. You can find it on the right side of my blog and all other MODs which work ok with my map MOD.

In new version you will see some new awesome places, all ChangeLog you will have in download RAR document.

Here is new place in Denmark, Esbjerg :

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