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Release date for MHAPro map EU 2.1

Drivers, first I must say , I have so many things to do, that is not possible to me release my new map MOD MHAPro EU 2.1. for version ETS2 1.20.x until to the end of September.

Like you, I'm disappointed too. But, I think I can do that until to the 15.10.2015. 

You must know that I work totaly alone, without any help from side, because I decided that I will do that way. I dont have any team, for some help when I need it, is here always Nico (ProMods). Thank you on that Nico ;) !!!

I converted new places in Hungarian and I must first fix everything, on other hand I wotk there on new roads, highways and so on.... parallel I work on Utrecht (NL) and roads there . Both project must be ready for that release.

So, be patient. I think it will be worth at the end.

On pictures :  Pecs (H) - new roads with new company on country.


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