srijeda, 7. listopada 2015.

From Rotterdam to Utrecht (NL)

After some time I'm here again with new info about my map MOD .... I finished for now everything around Hungary , connections with Slovenia and one new small city in Slovakia, Trnava.

Now I'm working on Utrecht (NL) full time.  And that it must be finish until somewhere 15.10. that I can release my map MOD for Public. I hope it will be and that I will find time for that. Plan is that I will .

Here are just some pictures how will look from Rotterdam to Utrecht (NL). Obviously I will not have time to connect A2 with Amsterdam in this Update because I still didnt find place to do that and how to do that to not clear everything there .... it is not so simple work on the existing map.

So, look from time to time here and you'll find out for sure when will be map MOD out.

3 komentara:

  1. Next week, nice :D:D Well done, Alex.Regards from Poland :)

  2. for this map do u have to have Pro mod in?

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