utorak, 13. listopada 2015.

Utrecht (NL)

Closer and closer I'm with release. I must polish that Utrecht (NL), connect with some new roads and then I will release map.
That unfortunately wont be that Wednseday 14.10. .... I work on map every day mostly 10-14h and finaly I want release my map MOD for you too- finaly ! 

I ask all of you for a little patient. Until then, here are new pictures which you will see on roads around Utrecht (NL) on my map MOD.

Zwolle (NL) will be IN in some next updates, like some other cities too, for example Troyes (F) too....and in England, Slovenia and Croatia...that is some short plan for some next update.

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  1. dont worry, quality take time and quietly waiting for yours release. exelente map. cheers from argentina.

  2. New is, that I found in some pause in DLC North on road E134 Oslo to west so many problems, signs under map, no wheather places where we dont have tunnels or bridges and many ,many other things ...that already take me 12h cleaning from that ... and that is everything from bad work fo SCS team on last update .

    They didnt made good update, because game after converting my map MOD just change many things, maybe put some other things in and I found a lot of bugs which I cant find on default game . So I can just conclude that SCS just dont care about mapers like always ...and they make everything in some hurry with many mistakes every where on some new Update or DLC ... and then fix there problems cross many Updates ....

    For me, that is not work ...that is classic selling something what is not worth that what they selling !! Many of that things you can find on SCS forum too ...

    Some interesting thing is that game all the time give me Red line about some sign which I didnt made ... and I cant fix that in game mod ... but game work, and problem is that SCS change something in data and forgot to fix other things which have conncection with other mods !

    So, that are basic problems, why I cant release my map MOD already and I want fix many problems- because of that many nonperforming updates !!

  3. well, i read in yours facebook page that you take hours.. making this georgus map, i really appreciate you and your time doing that. i cant understand the people who cant wait that you take hours doing the map and they just take few minutes travelling that you make.
    really good map.
    ps: sorry my english

    1. answer is in ...that we have a lot of different people on this World ...



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