subota, 30. siječnja 2016.

Brig (CH)

Almost on the end with work is first city in Switzerland - Brig ... and here are pictures - in that small Alps city is still snow you will be warned on start of valley before hills that is snow up there and you can not just pull up there any trailer  !!

I can hint to you that I did it with 20 T trailer ... anything else will be to much, because of snow !

četvrtak, 28. siječnja 2016.

New will be. ...

... on MHAPro map EU 2.3 when will be out, you will have 2 new small cities in Switzerland too. Both will be on totaly new road nbr. 19 from Chur to Bern, classic road cross mountains.

First is already on map like skeleton which you can see on picture - name : Brig. Second one will be Sierre.

Rusty Truck & Crazy Duck Hauling

srijeda, 27. siječnja 2016.

New village on MHAPro EU 2.3 map will be Markhus (N) ...

by the way, I fixed some bugs, small mistakes and everything similar from SCS work , I put some new parking areas in Scandinavia in companies which are not in cities, then I made 3 new gas stations on highway around Köln (D) ...  etc. etc ....

ponedjeljak, 18. siječnja 2016.


First small city Suldalsosen , better village ,is finished in Norway.

Next on list is Markhus (N). Later I will be back to UK, to N.Tawton, to finish that city and then I will release new version MHAPro map.

ponedjeljak, 11. siječnja 2016.

Progress on new Update

After Exeter (UK) ... I started parallel work on two small villages in Norway and on A2 highway connection from Utrecht (NL) to A'dam (NL) .

When I will make something new, you'll see pictures from that work too two ... now, for start , here is first picture from big cross near A'dam - highway is already connected cross whole A2 highway.

četvrtak, 7. siječnja 2016.

Exeter (UK) is almost finished

Exeter (UK) is almost finished ...what means that I will already start with 2 small villages in Norway and after that (maybe parallel) I will start with N.Tawton in UK . After that 4 cities, I will again release my map MOD.
In next new version will be Poland and CZ cities.


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