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MHAPro map EU 2.2.2 (ver.1.22.xs ETS2 ) - IS OUT !!!



Sat,  02.01.2016  ( NEW Update is out ! )

I saw that there are a lot of fake releases of my map MHAPro EU  on Internet. I must tell you, that the only Original map with good Download data you'll find here on this page . So, be carefull what you download it ;)


MHA map EU 2.2.2  Update  DOWNLOAD for 1.22.x.s  + both big DLC's !!

Hi guys I am finished with my work on  EU 2.2.2  UpDate  MHA map so I  release it.
If you want play that map MOD EU 2.2.2 you need both big DLC's , DLC East and DLC North !

Before I give you the link I have one important thing to say.

When you are share link for my map please  share ONLY link to my official blog :


 and not anything else or direct download Link. If I'll find out somewhere direct Link for download, I will talk with Admin and we will remove or delete any of those announcement !!
Why is this so important to me? Well when you give someone direct download link they will NOT see who made map ( in most situations)....So PLEASE share link of my blog only.

Respect my decision and desire !! Thank you.

Donate and help me to improve my work !!

If you like my work, you can Donate some money which I would use to improve my work, for programs which I use, Server and other stuff which I must pay it.

On my blog on right side you have blue square where you can donate money to me or you can simply click here and Donate it direct to my Acoount.

That money is going to be used for buying licences for programs for development of my map. And from time to time I am going to buy licences for ETS2 game or some DLC and make giveaway for you guys !!

I am very thankfull for all your donations.    

What is new in this Update ?
Look for ChangeLog in DEF documnet or MOD MANAGER  in your game Profile !

Any older work on my map MOD you can find out in my Change Log Info document too.

I am very thankfull for all your donations.  


FROM NOW ONE, MHAPro map will be in five (5) parts . 

Download (you need ALL 5 .scs documents)

PART 1MHA mod 1      PART 2MHA mod 2     PART 3MHA mod 3    
PART 4MHA mod 4      PART 5MHA mod 5


I wish you all good driving and a lot of fun with my map MOD. 

If you find some problem on map, bug or something, first check is this really from my map MOD (remove all other MODs and then try again !) and then contact me.
And of course, do not ask me for problems in some other MODs ...because I dont have time to repair mistakes from other MODs.

31 komentar:

  1. Cool. I reposted on my website, of corse, with your link ;)
    Have a great day and keep this good work

  2. dear admin. i'm nicholas, and i have an website with mods. Are you intrested for a link exchange? I will add your url in footer of my website, and will appear in all my pages (+4000 pages) all dofollow

    1. Nicolae, contact me on my mail:

      with all that proposal

  3. Hello MsHeavyAlex:

    I'm a big fan of your map, it´s a very big and detailed map.

    I write you to tell you if please you can check the map because in the latest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v. does not work the map, whenever I activate the map the game crashes

    In the next link I put the gamelog so you can see the errors that causes the map:

    Best regards

    1. contact me on my mail :

      and send me game.log there ,please.

      There I can answer to you about that...but for sure you have some kind of problem, because more than 12.000 people play without any problem my map MOD on that version, like me too ;) !

    2. you play on Crack version , what can be problem ....
      on first line all 5 parts game read ok everything ...

      and then at once game didnt read PART 4

      Reason can be in Crack version of game ...or download Part4 is not good and you must download it again ...

      in MOD MANAGER manage that Parts from 1-5 , you have numbers in names !!

  4. Alex, fantastic work as always. in which order do each part have to be in the mod manager, in simple terms, which order requere higher priority

    thank you for your update

  5. Hello again MsHeavyAlex:

    I have already solved the problem and already works map.

    I downloaded again part 4, I deleted all the files of the directory Euro Truck Simulator 2 less folders mod and profile, I started the game, I have activated your map and everything works fine now.

    Thanks for your help MsHeavyAlex.

    Best regards :)

    1. Administrator je uklonio komentar.

    2. Nice to hear that you solve problem ... next time just contact me on my mail and in the same time Upload last Game.log directly after problem ! ;)

  6. Thank you so much Alex!
    Keep the good work!
    For now, unfortunately Promods v2.0 having severals bugs and a huge amount of RAM (about + 6GB) to run...
    Frames dropped a lot too....
    Waiting for the fixes.

    1. shame ...but ProMods team will fix everything of course .... it is not always fast work good work ;) ... but ok ..they will manage that for sure too

  7. I also wanted to thank you! It´s a really great map! The north is just amazing Alex! This map has a no. 1 priority since it came out! I will donate it soon...

    1. thank you on positive words ! I hope you'll enjoy in future too !!

  8. Dear admin , do you have any clue why does the gps not work on the map?

    MAny thanks

    1. the only problem can be in some MOD which you use and cause that problem...last days I can see a lot of different problems ... and all comes from MODs which are not good or compatible with last version !! ...

      you can send me in Mail your Game.log after playing and I will see in there if is somewhere some problem or error around that .... mail :

  9. it doesn't work sir unfortunately ...
    with Respect -

  10. it doesnt wor bro can u fix it pls..thnx

  11. Thank'u Alex thanks for your great work!

  12. Hello again MsHeavyAlex:

    Part 5 this down, please reupar again.

    Thank you


  13. cab some1 give me the correct ATS version plz???and how to we go along to get it to work? or i have 1) a EU version or the ATS version crash my game

  14. Hello Alex !Can you make the map off Canada For me on atm ? please let me no Thnx for youre time

  15. Hello Alex !
    Can you make the map off Canada

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