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.... so, about everything on MHAPro map :

1. ETS2 is in progress and I already have my map in new Beta version, but I still work on small things, that will be everything like it must, when will SCS team release in public new update. In that update will be new city N.Tawton in UK .... just that, this time, because I work on other side with ATS map too... be patient, everything will be on place cross short time like it must be.

2. ATS map is close to next release too .... I have that map in new Beta version too ... and it works ok , but I must fix some small problem with truck models in game and I must finish Bakersfield city too ... it is posible that will be release where soon

Until then, some pictures from new MHAPro ATS map ... where you'll find some new small cities, a lot of new places for parking ... and with a lot of other truckers on road too ..with parking trucks ... you wont be alone anymore on roads ;)

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