utorak, 12. travnja 2016.

ETS2 - for version 1.23.x

...is still in progress and it works in Editor. But I have some problems in game, where some Routes now on this version wont work .... now, I look where can be that problem. And it is wierd, because I did not touch anything in data between 1.22.x and now new 1.23.x

In 2-3 days I will see if will be better after when I overlook whole map. Anyway, in front of me is big job - 2,3 days work without sleeping ... lol ... or a little bid . I just hope, that will work on the end.

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  1. карта MHAPro map ATS 1.3.-US_50_and_CA_99_v1.1


    1. [url=http://savepic.ru/9353897.htm][img]http://savepic.ru/9353897m.jpg[/img][/url]



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