subota, 23. travnja 2016.

Near AT Truck stop Coachella

I crashed in it ... in fence on highway near AT Truck stop Coachella, in direction from EL Centro to North ....

So, I must fix that on ATS map , and I will re- upload on server tomorrow, 24.4.2016.

If you already download map, everything will work. Tomorrow or any other day later, you'll download just  PART 2 and replace with old one. It wont send your truck in your garage (change position). But you'll have fixed part of road.

I must apologize to all players who crashed in this fence like I did today... 

NEW  - Part 2 mod for ATS game is on server, and you can Download it again and replace with old one !!

2 komentara:

  1. Hello, there is blackhole on first traffic lights in Ely, approaching from west. After that game crash.

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