ponedjeljak, 18. travnja 2016.

Still in progress

I must say that I have big problems with new Update 1.23.x ETS2 ... game wont find all Routes in my MHAPro map ETS2 .... -  I still work on that .

Some companies I rework complite cross zModeler, some I got visibility (you'll say finaly) ... and on many places and connections I changed already crosses. After when SCS changed rules on roads, many crosses which I used from great guy FLD , who made all that great crosses and roads with idea help to us to make better roads and better AI traffic, now are mostly problematic, because SCS got idea to made something what was supposed to be here from first day in game.

How long will I need to fix all that problems, I still dont know and it is hard to say... but I hope, that I will know on the end of this week in what kind of position is my ETS2 map...

Until then, I hope you'll understand all this problem and support me to do this everything until will work like it must.


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