utorak, 31. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro map coming soon for SCS American Truck Simulator v1.3

With all 3 new cities which are already in map MOD for next version, Fallon (NV), Austin (NV) and Walker lake (NV) , next city - more village will be Laytonville (CA) on road US101 from Eureka to S.Rafael ... in the same time that road will get more realistic look in game ....will not be just highway which is made SCS team .... you can see on Google map how looks that road in real life .

Here are some pictures from there SCS American Truck Simulator ....

How fast will be map out, I cant say in this moment, because I do not want to lose many things which I already made in map MOD ... so, I must make some part road totaly on new on that US101 road to S.Rafael (CA).

I hope  it wont be to long.

srijeda, 18. svibnja 2016.

Progress on ATS map

Still I dont know when I will release new Update for ATS. For now, I have two new cities in my map MOD ... both in Nevada. It takes alot of time to work on both maps parallel ...but it is fun .

So, here are pictures from ATS map - new cities are Austin and Fallon, both in Nevada, like I already wrote.

Rusty and Duck on the Road again ...

ponedjeljak, 16. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro on ETS2 - progress

So, here are some pictures from EU 2.4 ... next update which is in progress

Pictures are from city Most (CZ).

New company is coming in mod too .... DHL.

Important note !

If you already Downloaded map, I suggest you than you Download PART 3 again. Inside is map.

I fixed some small parts on map, between them is Enter road from higway to Rotterdam (NL) too.

After when you will download that Part 3, just open that RAR document and with technique Drag and Drop send .scs file to your mod folder and Replace old document in there.

In your game will not change anything !!



p.s  respect my work and DO NOT share my map MOD behind your links !!  If you want share, than share my Blog link. Right people will not support your intent !!

You can find already map on right side of Blog too !


petak, 13. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro map EU 2.3.2 (ver.1.23.x ETS2 ) - IS OUT !!!



Fri ,  13.05.2016  ( NEW Update is out ! )

MHA map EU 2.3.2  Update  DOWNLOAD for 1.23.x.s  + both big DLC's !!

I am very thankfull for all your donations.  


FROM NOW ONE, MHAPro map will be in five (5) parts . 

Download (you need ALL 5 .scs documents)

PART 1MHA mod 1      PART 2MHA mod 2     PART 3MHA mod 3    

PART 4MHA mod 4      PART 5MHA mod 5


New in this Update :

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 2.3.2 (Compatible with 1.23.x None-steam and Steam and higher): 

1. fixed all data which are new for 1.23.x version + Billboards
2. fixed "cutscene" for Utrecht (NL) - camera view on start
3. new company in game MOD -  MHA_trasport
    - city Frankfurt (D)
    - Göteborg (SWE)
    - Liverpool (UK)
4. fixed Billboards - brightness, luminosity
5. new city North Tawton
    - company Roadwork
    - company AgroNord
    - company Adia_fd_esbj
    - company MHA Transp
    - company MHA Service
    - company Tesco

6. after long testing fixed some other bugs, mistakes and problems ..
7. some other problems with companies will be fixed in new update
8. fixed problem on enter in Rotterdam (NL) where is slope on road

subota, 7. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro ATS 1.3.2 - review - on German

Before ...

.... I will start with new cities in Poland, Slovenia and Croatia in ETS2 ... I stopped in Czech Republic.  On first picture you can see which two cities I will make there, which will be connected with Quarry (Praha)  and on North with Chemnitz (D) .... I think it will be cool to have 2 (two) new cities in CZ too in map .... 

Of course , ATS map is in progress too ..

Pete hauling for Walmart MHApro map


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